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Sepro provides mixing solutions for all process applications. By switching up the agitator impeller, size and shape of the mixing vessel, and the mixing speed, we can deliver optimal results for your unique agitation application. Our knowledge of fluid dynamics helps us select the ideal combination of mixing variables to provide optimal results.

The Vaughan Rotamix® Mechanical Hydraulic Mixing System

Allows use of single mix pump for multiple tanks and transfer. Prevents clogging with the Vaughan® chopper pump. Costs less to purchase, install and operate. The Vaughan Rotamix system is exactly what it claims to be — the best mixing system available today. No more issues with conventional systems — just real cost-effective sludge mixing.

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Fig. 258 Eductor Used in Batch Mixing Application. This illustrates the batch mixing of two or more liquids with an S&K Fig. 258 Eductor. The pressure liquid, taken from the top of the tank is passed through a pump to the eductor. The jet action of this fluid entrains the liquid at the bottom of the tank and proper mixing results.

We offer several Foam Mixing Systems

This system uses a pelton-wheel, water-driven pump to deliver accurately metered foam concentrate into a balanced pressure foam proportioner. The whole system includes: a foam tank, a pump, inter-connecting pipework, a proportioner and other accessories – all of which can be skid mounted.

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Blend and recirculate cement slurry with two 100-bbl blending tanks, suitable for offshore use. Product Sheet CBS-390 Modular Slurry Mixing System Blend and recirculate cement slurry for the pumping unit with a 6-bbl mixing tub and 19-bbl averaging tank.

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About Mixing, Pumping, and Cleaning Systems. ... Submersed jet guns allow the stirring of clean and dirty tanks as needed. Independent valves isolate the hopper and jet guns, allowing the operator to fine-tune the mixing requirements. Our units offer 3-section tanks…

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 · Hydraulic mixing systems are becoming a viable alternative to traditional top- and side-entry mixers. A hydraulic mixing system uses a centrifugal pump to agitate tanks containing chemicals, water, crude oil, slurries or other fluids. The centrifugal pump recirculates then discharges fluid through nozzles strategically placed inside the tank. High-velocity jets from the nozzles turn and rotate ...

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of different agitator/impeller designs in mixing tanks. • Mixing of single and multi-phase fluids in stirred tank reactors is a common operation in many industries. • Understanding the fluid flow in these tanks is critical for equipment design, scale-up, process control and economic factors.

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 · Maximizing anaerobic digestion with pumping & mixing: discover BiogasWorld''s clients and their technologies Pumps and agitators are important components of every biogas plant and are available in different versions.Existing variety of pump and mixer technologies ensures the perfect control of the treatment, grinding, transfer and distribution of effluents, in industrial, agricultural or ...

Equalization Tank

The tank has a sloped bottom and uses one submersible pump on the exterior of the tank. The jet mixer has four arms which are all supplied by one 90-HP pump. The system can be operated with the liquid below the nozzles or up to the top liquid level of the tank, as long as the liquid level above the pump is greater than 3 feet.

Jet Mixing

Mixing Systems, Inc. is a global leader in providing jet mixing systems across many industries and applications. A unique and key advantage of jet mixing—which operates based on the eductor principle—is that there are no moving or rotating components within the tank that is being mixed, thereby allowing for much easier operation and maintenance (O&M) than other types of mixers or agitators.

Well Water Chlorine Systems for chemical injection.

Special package includes a chemical feed pump, 16 gallon mixing tank, and flow switch. Now Only $624 * Recommended for people without a pressure tank or people who need to install the unit after the pressure tank. (2) Chemical Feed System Using a 120 Gallon Retention Tank: Chlorine is injected with a pump (commonly known as a chemical injection ...

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MUD SYSTEM #13092T. Built 2000, 2200 gallon divided tank, dual 4'' x 5'' shaker, 4-cone desilting system, 3 x 4 chrome housing mixing pump with jetting pipe thru recovery tank, Cummins 4B diesel with PTO and hydraulics for shakers ...

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Secures directly to the pump of the Pioneer Mixing System allowing direct transfer of paint to field marking machine tank or pail; Related Products. Check items to add to the cart or select all. 55 Gallon Paint Mixing System. $1,848.00. Add to Cart ...

Water Storage Tank Mixing

 · First off, providing a complete mix for your potable water storage tanks should be a best practice for every tank all the time. Mixing ensures that no water gets "old" and that chlorine from new water entering the tank is spread throughout the whole tank. It not only solves water quality and treatment problems, mixing helps prevent problems.

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The Vaughan ''Chopper'' pump at the heart of every mixing system. A LIQUOR BUFFER TANK A completed tank and mixing system. The 20m diameter liquor tank is roofed as they are able to harvest/recover gas from each covered tank due to our mixing systems.

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Multi-port mixing systems provide better mixing coverage across the fluid body. These systems are designed to keep the settled solids in suspension and generate a homogeneous fluid state. Tideflex ® Engineering can provide the design of the system and associated modeling, along with all of the mixing equipment installed within the tank.

slurry tank

Dry to slurry mixing systems for Industrial and Municipal applications: Sodimate engineers custom mixing tanks for various slurry solutions ranging from 2% to 30%. Typical slurry solutions include calcium ( hydrated lime or quicklime ), powdered activated carbon (PAC ), sodium bicarbonate (soda ash), potassium permanganate and clay.

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 · A similar mixing system is pumped agitation, in which some of the liquid tank contents are withdrawn from the reactor by external mixing pumps and reinjected back into the reactor through discharge nozzles at the bottom.

What''s the Best Tank Mixing System for Your Chemical Tank?

 · Costly repairs commonly associated with mechanical mixing tank systems. Chemical Mixing with a Pump. Mixing chemicals without a mixer involves using one or more strategically placed pumps to mix the chemicals inside the tank. It can be a better solution than mechanical mixing, if you''re concerned about avoiding the disadvantages of an agitator.

The Hidrostal HidroMix pump mixing system for sludge tank ...

 · Hidrostal''s HidroMix pump mixing system for sludge tanks and digesters provides a more efficient, safe and economic alternative to conventional gas or submer...

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The H43P65V comes complete with a total drainage tank, Banjo 3" pump, a dual port venturi for bulk chemical induction, twin agitation lines, two 16" hinged lids (one with the Handler knife and one without), container and tank rinsing nozzles, a 4-way forkliftable steel frame, and a pump containment tray.

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Mixing Systems - Unrivalled Performance and Capability. Our mixing systems are built in direct response to customer demand. They are designed to overcome the problems of mixing larger lagoons and to out-perform other mixers in the market by operating more efficiently, more reliably and more quickly. Our Maxi Slurry Mixer range is a case in point.

How To Use Chlorination Systems for Well & Spring Water

For example, your well pump is pumping at 10 gallons per minute ("GPM"). You have coliform bacteria and want 10 minutes of contact time. You plan to use a contact tank that has a baffle factor of 0.40. The best contact tanks use an internal baffle or distributor for better mixing.

The Rotamix Concept

Designed and developed by Vaughan Company, the Rotamix process mixing system is today''s most cost effective means of mechanical hydraulic mixing, consisting of an engineered arrangement of internal nozzle assemblies fed by an externally-mounted Vaughan chopper pump. With over 700 systems installed, Rotamix can be applied in circular ...


DRILLING FLUID STORAGE AND PUMPING SYSTEM Hex Pump NOV''s latest development for improving circulating capability, the HEX® Pump represents years of knowledge and experience combined with a new approach to mud pump design. This new technology delivers improved performance, versatility, and efficiency in a smaller package. Triplex Mud Pump

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General Applications: Pressurizing liquid to entrain another liquid; Lifting, pumping, mixing and agitating liquids, granular solids, and slurries; Draining flooded areas, Emptying tanks and sumps; Pumping and mixing operations in oil treating systems; Dewatering sand and coal barges; Continuous blending; Pumping food products; Pumping sand and filter clay; Tank mixing and blending ...

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PAX Water Mixers create a powerful vortex flow pattern inside water storage tanks to circulate the entire volume, top to bottom, and eliminate thermal stratification. Powerful mixing helps prevent conditions favorable to residual loss, disinfection byproducts, nitrification and ice damage. . PAXwatertechnologies.

Jet mixer systems

Jet mixer systems for tank mixing and blending Liquid jet mixers are used to mix and circulate liquids. With jet mixers a three dimensional flow is achieved in the tank without producing a rotating motion. Advantages • High efficiency • High operational safety • Long life …

Jet Mixing | Fluidyne Corp.

Fluidyne''s jet mixing systems are simple, cost effective and available for new installations or for retrofit in existing tanks. Jet mixing employs a special dual nozzle assembly with entrainment ports. Tank liquid is pumped through a liquid line and then through the inner nozzle. High velocity is created by the inner nozzle forming a jet plume.

Digester Trial Compares Rotamix Mixing System with Gas ...

Rotamix® uses a 100-HP chopper pump pumping into a total of 10 mixing nozzles arrayed on the floor of Digester 1, while the gas mixing system uses a 60 HP compressor sending compressed biogas to floor diffuser nozzles in Digester 2.

Plural Component Mixing Equipment

Our plural component mixing equipment, including mechanical and electric proportioners, gives you the option to mix two-component and three-component materials. Graco''s flexible paint mixing systems easily handle a broad spectrum of materials, including solventborne, waterborne epoxies, and acid catalyzed materials. Manufacturers in industries like wood and furniture, general metal ...